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I'm tired of seeing russian entries on livejournal. I wonder if there would be anyway to block entries based on their language. All I know is that I get a headache when I see the same person posting again and again in a certain community in russian. So I left that community because for the last 15 entries were by this russian.
I'm not prejudice. I just think that if the site is in english then people should blog in english. There are other language sites; Japanese, Arabic, Spanish. There are sites for countries too; Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Canada, Mexico...Yahoo, Amazon, Google, have country specific sites and many Newspapers do too, so why not have and english livejournal, and a russian one?

What would you do if your morning newspaper started printing articles in a foreign language? It's the equivalent of me opening up Livejournal in the morning, and having to sift through what I want to see.
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What I learned from last year- going off of meds is not a good thing. If I do that again, I need to be living on my own.
I'm so very thankful that I didn't lose my son in the multiple tragedies that struck Japan early last year. I get teary just watching the videos of the tsunami... I can't imagine being without my boy.

I'm still not sure what to think of my youngest's boyfriend. He's had 4+ jobs this last year and hasn't kept any of them. Not that I would mind, really. But she does have a disability, and although it's good to have him around for that reason, they have to eat and pay bills and she just got

My oldest... well, I think her newfound... economic status might separate us. Now that she is financially secure so to speak, and I'm not she calls a lot less. She says school is the main reason but I'm not so sure about that. I do know she speaks regularly to her father. That might me monetarily motivated as well. See, she used to be outraged at his failed marriage to her step-mom. Did that make sense? Anyway, she used to say that her step brother was not getting her inheritance, because he was now getting a free ride to college, the latest cell phone technology, etc., etc.,.. so yeah.

I mainly just leave it alone. I won't force communication with my kids. It has to be a two way communication and most of the time it doesn't happen. I figure when they are ready to talk they will call or stop by.

This whole communication thing brought about new efforts by my ex to keep open communication going. He even offered to dog-sit for me, and he invited me over to go through boxes of the kids stuff. I'll save that story for another day. At first I thought he was joking, but upon learning he divorced because HE was getting abused, I cut him some slack. Still... it's weird when I go over there.

I'm hoping to post more here this year. Last year was too screwed up. Plus, I ended the year with the flu. This year I'm really going to need some major miracles to stay alive and productive.

All that to say, happy new year. I guess.
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I saw the doctor last week. They've put me back on meds and its something for bi-polar disorder. I'm just very tired of dealing with financial problems, family problems, health problems, and now car problems.

I hear the Javelina outside my window. Shodan stirs in her sleep. odd how she can be aware of their presence even in her unconscious state.

Can I stop living now? Please tell me I can...
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It was a very tense day here. Thank god my siblings were gone for the most part of it. But Todays events caused a verbal exchange that shouldn't have taken place. Not for anyone thinking about what they should have done.

I just don't get knee-jerk reactions. I'm glad I didn't see my siblings until after dark and after I had time to cool down. I threw rocks around the yard to blow off steam. I had a nice long hot bath too.

Afterwards I was good to myself and ordered some pizza and watched somedays dreamers. Now I'm going to get into my jammies and watch Hanna.

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Is this thing on? *tapsmic* test post from droid.
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I'm going to take a trip back east in a few days. I have a pretty sick daughter and I'm hoping I can help her out for a couple of weeks.

Since moving away from the Phx. area I've been really isolated. Public transportation in Arizona is non-existent. My plane leaves PHX and returns to TUC, that's how I got a really cheap deal. Had I known I was going to have problems with getting to and from the airport I would have paid the extra money to fly out and return to the same one.

Those funky shuttles that run back and forth the two cities have weird coverage. One doesn't go in-between cities, another only picks up from one of four locations here in the old pueblo, and the third goes in-between cities only- so if I choose the last one I won't be able to take the same shuttle service from TUC back to where my car is. I would have to take yet a fourth shuttle carrier from the airport back to my car...

I have a headache just thinking about the inane logistics I have to go through to make my life work. I want to hire someone from Japan to come over and retro-fit/ reconstruct the mass transit for arizona. I hate driving on the freeway. It will never be finished. Ever. And by the time it's been patched up to the point of overlapping I'll be dead anyway.

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There are days when I think my siblings deserve each other. Today is one of them. My sister totally blew something out of proportion and is pouting. She has been for a few hours now. She got really upset and started yelling at my brother who defended himself, explaining what he meant. No problem right? Wrong. *rollingeyesnow*
My dog was upset by their yelling and came to sit by me in the living room where I was checking email on my droid. She hates yelling as much as I do. Because I wasn't paying attention to what was going on I went to investigate. My sister would have nothing to do with forgiving my brother. She said she doesn't like it when her feelings get hurt. I wanted to slap her but I didn't. I went to my room and pulled out some huge, over-sized inflatable boxing gloves. My brother laughed and smiled, but my sister said she didn't feel like playing. Well fuck. Can I say that here? ...*looks around*
So like any other night, my sister will finish making dinner, then serve herself, sit down in a big easy chair in front of the TV and say it's done. My brother will strategically be doing something like laundry and start eating afterwards.

I feel sorry for my brother right now. I think I'll go eat dinner with him because he will be sitting alone at the dinner table.

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